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Blueberry liver bark

Blueberry liver bark

SKU: 0006

Grass-fed Okanagan beef liver, and blueberries! Gently air dried, making the pefect crunchable snack for dogs and cats alike! No teeth? no problem- blitz some bark in a blender to make a powder, rehydrate with water/broth or simply sprinkle on top of their meal!


Grass fed beef liver is a nutrient powerhouse- arguably the best in the world. Rich in protein, A and B vitamins, iron zinc and copper. These nutrients are crucial for various bodily functions, and incorporating beef liver into your dogs/cat's diet can help ensure they receive a well-rounded intake of essential vitamins and minerals.


Blueberries are an increbile antioxidant that fight free radicals in the body while the vitamine c content helps the immune system and works to relieve inflammation.

  • Product info

    Whether you are looking for a high quality treat or to increase the nutritional value of your dogs' meals- we guarentee our grass- fed beef liver and blueberry bark will do the trick!

    Our treats are made from fresh meats and produce that we purchase directly from Okanagan farmers. So you can be confident that your pet is getting the most nutritional value without any harmful additives.


  • Safety Guidelines

    Always close packaging after use. Wash hands thoroughly after handling. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Best to consume within 3 months of purchase but keeps shelf stable for 6. Refridgerate or freeze for longer storage.

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