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Freeze dried egg powder

Freeze dried egg powder


Looking for a light weight, nutrient packed meal topper? Say hello to our freeze dried eggs from Okanagan hens!


There's never been an easier way to feed fresh eggs! Our powder offers a shelf stable alternative to an incredible wholefood topper while keeping nearly 100% of it's nutritional content. Eggs are packed with nutrients and can be given as an occasional treat or as a way to boost the nutritional value of a kibble-fed diet or integrate as part of a fresh wholefood diet.

  • Feeding/ Safety Guidelines

    1 tsp + 1-1.5 tbsp water = 1 fresh egg!

    You can choose to sprinkle the powder as is over their food if serving raw,  rehydrate if kibble fed and serve raw or rehydrate and cook prior to feeding.

    Always close packaging after use. Wash hands thoroughly after handling. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Best to consume within 3 months of purchase but keeps shelf stable for a minimum of 1 year in ideal storage conditions. Refrigerating/freezing is not recommended as it introduces moisture into the packaging quicker and can spoil much faster.

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