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Butter me PUP

Butter me PUP

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Made from locally sourced beeswax, organic and fair trade shea butter, coconut and olive oil, and Vit E oil for healthy maintenance or healing rough, dry and cracked noses, paws and elbows.




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    Did you know? The paw pads of your furry family members act as shock absorbers to protect their bones, ligaments, and tendons of the limbs! In the process of daily walks and playing throughout the seasons, the pads can get worn out and dry causing cracks and minor scrapes that can be irrating and uncomfortable.

    Using our salve after a day of playing on sandy beaches, rough hiking trails, or icy and cold walk ways can restore and maintain the paw pads to a healthy state! Our salve is made up of all natural and healing ingredients that are safe for your pup, if ingested! If you pup is paw -sensitive, we recommened giving them a treat or a toy to distract them while the salve is working its' magic. Use daily for really rough pads, or once a week for maintenance. 

    *In cooler temperatures the salve can get hard, gently rub the stick on the palm of your hand to warm it up to make for easier application onto your pups pads!

    *In warmer temperatures the salve can melt- be sure to keep upright in a cool and dry area to prevent leakage!

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